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Dress Smart Christchurch is the home to more than 45 iconic local and international brands at outlet prices. Whether you’re chasing luxury statements, outdoor gear or activewear, Dress Smart outlet shopping is dressed to thrill.

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Wander our well-dressed world of designer brands. Favourite internationals, such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, rub shoulders with local heroes like Max, yd and Andrea Biani.

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Chase and embrace nature in gear that protects from the elements and looks good in the selfies. Our span of outdoor brands has you covered.

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Look hot from warm up to cool down. Our high-performance active brands give you the confidence to beat your personal best.

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More to explore

More to explore


One size fits all

Available in any amount from $20. Redeemable on 100+ international and local brands at Dress Smart stores nationwide. Buy Gift Cards


Getting here is easy

Dress Smart Christchurch is located at 409 Main South Road, Hornby. Getting here is easy, whether by car, bus or bike. Get directions now


Over 45 stores

Dress Smart Christchurch has stores from more than 45 international and local iconic brands. View Store listings